3 Big Changes Affecting the Gaming Industry Right Now

Games and interactive media are changing in some pretty big ways. From players to creators and media consumption to interactive performances, these changes are integrating into our lives in ways we’ve never seen before. Wright Bagwell, CEO of Outpost Games, joins us today to explain changes affecting the gaming industry: why players are more than just consumers, how to make serious gaming a more respectable and professional pursuit, and much more.

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Agenda: The 3 Big Changes Affecting the Gaming Industry

3:50    The historical evolution of games

8:15    Change 1: The shifting role of player to creator

11:00   Change 2: The shifting business model from purchasing to investing

17:15   Change 3: Building the new stadium or stage


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About Wright

Wright Bagwell

Wright Bagwell, CEO of Outpost Games, is a designer and entrepreneur with a deep passion for building products that enable everyone’s skill and creativity to shine. He found his passion for game design and fascination with game platforms after getting hooked on the Quake mod scene, back in 1996. Since then, Wright has worked at Cavedog, Valve, EA, and Zynga. He was previously design director of Farmville 2 at Zynga, creative director of Dead Space 2 at EA, and led design teams on numerous other titles at EA. Wright is on a mission to turn every gamer into a performer, every game into a stage, and to fundamentally change how people perceive the games business.

About Vanessa

Vanessa Zucker

Vanessa Zucker is Spark’s in-house marketing manager who used to review video games at a small company, once upon a time.  She has done in-house marketing for small startups, tech giants, and non-profits. She merges creativity with analytical thinking and organization in order to create unique, quality content.