Virtual Reality: Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have hit the mainstream and are changing the way we experience things. But can you guess where the industry is headed? We tackle this idea in this episode of Spark Talks, along with many other—sometimes surprising—uses of VR and AR.

Guests include Rosstin Murphy, VR Engineer at STRIVR and Toby Trevarthen, Chief Narrative Officer at Spark.

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2:20   Quick recap of where we are in VR today & how we got here

4:20   Difference between VR and AR

5:03   What are the applications of VR today?

5:15   Gaming – Playstation VR, job simulators

7:42   Training and the difference between simulation and spherical video

9:05   Travel and interviewing

10:10   Data Visualization

12:07   4D, 5D, and other dimensions

12:37   How can a company harness VR and AR to tell a story as a part of their Narrative?

14:25   Limitations of VR and AR technology

16:28   Phone VR experiences: Gear VR, HoloLens

19:05   The Future of VR

“When you’re making a video game, you can always excuse limitations of technology as parts of the game.” – Rosstin

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About Rosstin

Rosstin Murphy

Rosstin Murphy is a VR Engineer at STRIVRthe world leader in using virtual reality (VR) to train individuals and improve performance. Before STRIVR, Rosstin was Augmented Reality Development Lead at IBM, developing business applications for AR, along with 3D big data visualization. He is also the producer of several video games.

About Toby

Toby Trevarthen

Toby Trevarthen, as Spark’s Chief Narrative Officer, has co-created the agency’s innovative Agile Narrative™ framework: A fresh approach to strategy and development, conversational white space and conversational IP.

About Vanessa

Vanessa Zucker

Vanessa Zucker is Spark’s in-house marketing manager who almost always gets sick while using VR. She has done in-house marketing for small startups, tech giants, and non-profits. She merges creativity with analytical thinking and organization in order to create unique, quality content.