3 Major Themes at E3 2017

This year’s E3 blew us out of the water with the big announcements and the massive attendance by industry professionals and fans alike, trying to see what is next in video games. In this episode, we dive into the biggest themes at E3 2017 that prove times are changing for the video game industry. We’re talking about player-creators, eSports, and cutting edge technology, plus standout announcements at press conferences and advice on how smaller companies can stand out in this crowded industry.

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1:37   Intro to E3 2017 and our overall observations

3:44   Cutting edge technology: Virtual Reality, Nintendo Switch

10:27   The shift from player to creator

13:54   eSports

16:16   Press Conferences: EA, Bethesda, Playstation, Nintendo

21:12   How can a small company stand out in this crowded market?

23:45   E3 2018 – the future of the show

Bonus: Gallery of E3s Past (2006, 2009)

E3 2006 E3 2006 E3 2006 E3 2009


Internet Trends 2017 (slides 80-150), Mary Meeker.

E3 2017: All the biggest VR news and games from the show, Wareable.

Mario Kart VR is real — here’s your first look, The Verge.

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