Our office is littered with the newest tech gadgets, and we’re adept at looking at ways that consumers engage with brands to drive the adoption of things they’ve never seen or experienced before.

Drive Attention

There’s more demand for consumer attention than ever before in history – more choice, more content, and more smart communications and advertising tactics that are driving consumer adoption of new products and services. How do you rise above the nonsense and show consumers you can actually delight?

Cross the Chasm

We’ve helped companies sell everything from the first consumer internet powered video and phone solution (skype) to the first supersonic aircraft since the Concorde, Boom Supersonic. If you’re trying to cross the chasm or become a unicorn, we’ve got the oars and the glitter to get you to the next phase of growth.

Consumer Case Studies

Case Study: Bluesmart

Influencer marketing: product awareness & sales

Increase brand awareness, product awareness, and drive pre-orders of the Bluesmart Series 2 line.

Case Study: eharmony

Repositioning a leading brand

Faced with a conservative perception, eHarmony sought Spark’s help to break through the noise as the number one dating platform in the world focused on compatibility and backed by science.

Case Study: Dropcam

Becoming a household name

Faced with the perception that the IP camera market was 10 years old and not innovative, Dropcam sought Spark’s help to break through the noise and become the market leader and a household name.