Leveraged influencers to drive new line pre-orders with 10M reach

Bluesmart - Series 2 Luggage System


Increase brand awareness, product awareness, and drive pre-orders of the Bluesmart Series 2 line.


Research, vet, engage, and relationship build with technology, travel, fashion, and lifestyle influencers from April to June 2017, aligned with Bluesmart’s Indiegogo launch. Influencers are activated to create original content pieces highlighting the Bluesmart Black Edition, with a CTA driving to the Indiegogo page.


  • Influencers ID/Vetted: 47 (goal 20)
  • Influencers Outreached: 30 (goal 10)
  • Influencers Secured: 11 (goal 3)
  • 10M Reach, 576K Engagements (383.9K Views, 189.4K Likes, 1.9K Comments, 773 Shares), 6% Engagement Rate