We’re already sitting wherever you’re placed in the enterprise technology landscape: ERP, SaaS, security, big data, AI, etc. Between corporate communications, public relations, and integrated marketing, we can help your business thrive in an increasingly complex world.

Building the Building Blocks

We’ve worked shoulder to shoulder alongside the founders of the Internet and technology economies for more than 20 years. Our team has built many of the brands you know and those that power the world behind the screen.

Inventing and Communicating

We’ve not met a technology we can’t understand. We help creators take product out of the lab and put it into the hands, hearts, and minds of customers. We turn dreamers into thought leaders. While you’ve been inventing the future of everything, we’ve been communicating it.


We’ve built careers by helping companies get in front of CIOs, engineers, and decision makers.


Whether you’re approaching SMBs or engineers with developer products, we’re your growth partner.

Emerging Business Innovations

The future of business will be smart, intelligent, automated, and full of innovation we’re driving with our clients.

Corporate Communications

Our partnerships with Fortune 1000 companies help the largest brands in the world navigate the complexities of communicating in a modern, always-on world.

Enterprise Case Studies

Case Study: Shippo

Full-stack shipping for commerce

Shippo approached Spark to help it better position its young co-founders as technology leaders and innovators in order to build a more active pipeline of potential ‘unicorns of eCommerce.’

Case Study: Rigetti

Joining the Big Leagues

Rigetti needed to build its profile in the quantum computing landscape dominated by academic research and resource-rich efforts to commercialize quantum computers at tech giants such as IBM and Google.

Case Study: Cloudyn

Optimizing Analysts and Customers

Cloudyn wanted to increase awareness of its cloud cost management platform and cost optimization tool, as well as its integrations with major cloud platforms AWS, Azure and Google, through PR.