Over 20 years of bringing innovative technologies to market, we successfully navigated the first dot com boom, web 2.0, and the mobile revolution. Now, we’re helping to build the new Internet of Value: blockchain.

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From Token Sale to Mainnet and Beyond

We create integrated marketing and PR campaigns for token generation events, testnets and mainnet launches. In the past few years, we’ve helped companies raise nearly $500M from token sales and now we’re the communications partner to helping them scale.

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Real Projects. Real Results.

We focus on the most promising projects with a strong potential for long-term success. We gravitate toward innovative leaders with disruptive solutions. Beyond hype, we’re tackling real problems that blockchain can solve with real results.

Digital Currencies & NFTs

We’ve helped launch leading tokens and we work with some of the most heavily transacted currencies and valuable NFTs (non-fungible tokens).


If you’re building foundational infrastructure for the decentralized Web…well, so are we.

Enterprise and Private Blockchains

We work with some of the most innovative companies across financial services, identity and security, healthcare, insurance, gaming, energy, supply chain and advertising.

Exchanges & Trading

KYC/AML, the SEC, FINRA, the CFTC, the FCC. We have our pulse on the regulatory landscape and the leading technologies and companies shaping financial services and beyond.

Token Generation Events

While it’s not 2017 anymore, we’re still helping the top projects announce new tokens and drive token buyer interest.

Developer Growth

Adoption is the key to blockchain success, and it starts with building an avid community and our developer relations programs.

Blockchain Case Studies

Case Study: RightMesh

From token sale to ongoing media coverage

We worked to facilitate the close of RightMesh’s $30M token generating event by generating positive press in crypto and tech outlets that explain the concept of a tokenized mesh network. From there, we worked with RightMesh to continue securing media coverage related to their partnerships and ongoing product development 

Case Study: Simple Token

Launching a token with huge social engagement

With a focus on the Crypto/Blockchain community, Spark was challenged to grow Simple Token’s (now OST) project awareness, as well as build and manage the online community to support a successful ICO while laying the groundwork for sustained visibility beyond token sale.

Case Study: Civic

A crowdsale for identity verification

Civic worked with us to drive brand awareness and buyer interest in Civic’s ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in a highly saturated ICO market. With multiple blockchain brands announcing token sales daily, Spark was also tasked with differentiating Civic to rise above the noise.