Drove new tech adoption in a reluctant financial industry

Ocrolus - Drove new tech adoption in a reluctant financial industry


Ocrolus is the leading document automation company, with specialized solutions for various market segments (e.g. mortgage, small business). Ocrolus accelerates processes for faster decision-making, greater document verification accuracy and, with its human-in-the-loop model, allows for reducing costs while scaling an organization’s capability to serve more customers.

However, financial services, particularly banks, are conservative when considering new technologies. Spark was engaged to break through this reluctance.


In light of the need to automate processes during the pandemic, increased challenges in hiring back-office workers due to the Great Resignation, and consumer expectations for faster decisions on loan applications from a growing market of Millennial borrowers, we leveraged Ocrolus’ ability to enable lending organizations of any size to scale their capabilities to better serve more customers with increased speed and accessibility without compromising accuracy.


To reach critical decision-makers at lending organizations, we targeted reporters at relevant top-tier business & technology, banking, lending/finance, and fintech outlets with news of industry partnerships and customer implementations, product integrations and updates, thought leadership and Ocrolus research to expand the team’s coverage and brand awareness.


Spark secured more than 100 placements for Ocrolus, including interviews, news coverage and contributed executive articles with top-tier business, tech and policy news media, including TechCrunch, Axios, FORTUNE, Benzinga, Insider, TechTarget, eWeek, and The Hill, as well as influential industry trades such as PYMNTS, Finledger, Payments Dive, HousingWire, Bank Automation News, LendIt, The GreenSheet, Tearsheet, National Mortgage News, and many others.