Launched a bold vision for financial fairness with Tier 1 coverage


Zebit came to Spark to launch its program giving underbanked Americans a path to financial stability.

Zebit’s solution for the 68 million people living paycheck-to-paycheck needed to attract employers with a bold narrative, messaging platform and assets that the US media could use to visualize and communicate the potential of Zebit’s mission.


Spark conducted a media audit of competitors to examine and evaluate the existing conversations, and clarify Zebit’s differentiation.

Spark worked with Zebit to develop a multi-layered narrative which included key messages and proof points for each select groups including: business, technology, consumer and HR/employer trade media, as well as industry analysts, potential investors, Fortune 1000 companies and retailers.

Spark created a strategy to launch at Money 20/20 and conducted outreach to a comprehensive list of relevant reporters covering markets and industries that would lead Zebit to investors, as well as retailer and employer partners.


Published a bold manifesto communicating the founder’s vision.
Secured 20+ press meetings which resulted in key coverage in  Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and numerous financial trade outlets.