Case Study: RightMesh

From token sale to ongoing media coverage


We worked to facilitate the close of RightMesh’s $30M token generating event by generating positive press in crypto and tech outlets that explain the concept of a tokenized mesh network. From there, we worked with RightMesh to continue securing media coverage related to their partnerships and ongoing product development


Spark began working with RightMesh to adjust their consumer positioning for mainstream outlets. They had generated publicity before with blockchain-focused outlets but were lacking coverage that spoke about their mission. We completely overhauled their key messages and focused on the values behind the brand to bring their work to a wider tech and consumer audience.


As a result, we secured widespread media placements in top-tier publications, such as Digital Trends, Tech It Out! and We also earned coverage in CoinDesk and had the mention occur in an article on blockchain being used for social good. The updated positioning earned 68 million impressions and aided RightMesh in pushing the brand over the finish line to their $30M crowd contribution period.