Evolution of Advertising: Rise of the Bots

Would you take shopping recommendations from a chatbot? Startups like Radbots are using artificial intelligence to turn targeted advertising into a positive experience. Join the founders of Radbots, Dan Gailey and Nathan Ross, along with Spark’s Chief Narrative Officer Toby Trevarthen and VP of Strategic Insights Shane Jordan in this podcast to learn about the evolution of advertising and chatbots as well as how to use them to reach your company’s audience.

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– 1:40 History of Chatbots
– 4:40 What problem is Radbots trying to solve in advertising?
– 6:20 Do consumers trust bots yet?
– 9:25 Do brands trust bots yet?
– 10:40 Rate of chatbot adoption by brands
– 11:55 How chatbots can be used as a tool to build a company’s Narrative
– 16:23 Future of advertising and chatbots
– 19:50 Finish the sentence: I love / hate to see advertising that ________
– 21:03 Finish the sentence: If I could partner with any brand, it would be ________
– 22:00 Finish the sentence: If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be ________
– 22:55 Favorite comic book series
– 25:43 3 people you admire in Silicon Valley

About Dan


Passionate about bots (He even wrote the book on Bot Theory), machine learning, and artificial intelligence, Dan Gailey is a huge proponent of ambient intelligence and how it will complement our lives. Dan holds degrees in Electrical Engineering (autonomous robotics), and Computational Chemistry. Previous work has been with the National Center for Physical Acoustics, Make Magazine, e.Ventures, in addition to launching Baqqer, Asteria, Techendo, Pule, and others.

About Nathan


As the co-founder of RadBots, Nathan Ross focuses on making RadBots the next generation of truly innovative ads. Nathan has a long history of working in advertising, including firms such as FCB, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, Tribal DDB, Ogilvy, and many more. With experience in creative direction, marketing strategy, production, business development, and ad sales, Nathan has knowledge from all sides of the advertising cycle. Nathan’s education includes degrees in Business Management, Business Marketing, Advertising Art Direction, Communication, and Interaction Art Direction.

About Toby


Toby Trevarthen joined Spark in the new capacity of Chief Narrative Officer in 2015. In this role, Toby has co-created the agency’s innovative Agile Narrative™ framework. A fresh approach to narrative strategy and development, conversational white space and conversational IP.

About Shane


An internet communications technology native, Shane Jordan always strives to innovate the world around him including the work he does for his clients. Shane has over 10 years in online marketing strategy experience for clients ranging from early stage startups to Fortune 100 brands. He has developed successful social and digital strategies for clients including Levi’s, EA Games, World Wildlife Fund, Taco Bell, Del Monte, Lamborghini and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

About Vanessa


Vanessa Zucker is Spark’s in-house marketing manager. She has done in-house marketing for small startups, tech giants, and non-profits. She merges creativity with analytical thinking and organization in order to create unique, quality content.