UV Innovators Explains Covid Killing NuvaWave to CBS

Businesses and public spaces of all kinds have been dousing surfaces with chemical disinfectants, hoping to stop the spread of COVID-19. Now, UV Innovators has developed the NuvaWave, the first handheld ultraviolet device proven to destroy the novel Coronavirus.

Before the pandemic, UV Innovators had been developing the device, which uses the pathogen-killing UV-C light spectrum, for hospital use. The medical device company is now leasing the NuvaWave to businesses as an effective means of disinfection.

While it is being leased to business and public institutions, you won’t be seeing the NuvaWave in homes. Dr. Nick Medendorp, UV Innovators CEO & co-founder, told CBS 17, “[NuvaWave] isn’t meant for consumer use,” said Medendorp. “It’s a medical grade technology meant for opening up business, schools, and getting life back to normal again.” Dr. Medendorp goes on to explain that the NuvaWave is meant to support chemical-based methods of disinfection, especially on high-touch surfaces where repeated chemical exposure could be harmful.

Read the full article on the CBS affiliate’s site for more on ultraviolet light as a surface disinfectant, as well as the rigorous third-party laboratory testing NuvaWave underwent. And if your business is interested in leasing the device, you can do so on the UV Innovators’ site.