OnePlus Enters Smartwatch Market with First Major Wearable and Accompanying OS

OnePlus, maker of the preferred smartphone for Android enthusiasts, has expanded its output to include a new smartwatch, the OnePlus Watch. The wearable device will hit the US market on April 14 and has so far received a rapturous reception from outlets like TechCrunch.

As noted by TechCrunch, the watch will run on OnePlus’s own operating system, known as the OnePlus Watch OS. OnePlus chose to do so in order to maximize the charge of the watch’s hefty 402 mAh battery. Doing so will give the watch one to two weeks of life on a single charge, making it an industry leader in battery life.

Just like consumers, we can’t wait until the reviews of this device start hitting tech sites. We’re expecting great scores for this durable, functional smartwatch with incredible battery life.