The Maturing of Wearables: Addressing What Really Matters

Wearables: What will those bands on our wrists look like in a few years? In this podcast, Herbie Calves, CMO of client Link AKC (which produces a smart collar for dogs) and Jeff Koo, Vice President and resident IoT expert at Spark, get into where wearables are headed (the maturing of wearables) and try to make deeper meaning out of the data we get from our Fitbits and Smart Watches.

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  • 4:33  Wearables for Animals
  • 8:15  Challenges for Wearables
  • 17:18  The Future of Wearables
  • 20:37  Fitbit and its Wall Street Promises
  • 22:40  Category Growth & New Competitors (like Mi Band)
  • 23:50  Hardware vs. Software
  • 26:19  Aren’t You Concerned About Your Pet’s Privacy?
  • 28:30  Fill in the Blank

Wearables: Can You Have Too Many?


About Herbie

Herbie Calves, CMO, LinkAKC

Mr. Calves joined Link AKC as the CMO in February 2016 soon after the company was founded. He spent the prior three years as the Senior Vice President of Marketing & Product Management for the Sports Division of EB Brands, leading product development, licensing, and marketing initiatives for their fitness monitor and exercise equipment businesses. From 2006-2012 Mr. Calves was VP of Global Marketing at TIMEX and played a key role in guiding Timex’s marketing programs. He oversaw the TIMEX IRONMAN and TIMEX EXPEDITION businesses and was a strong advocate for the TIMEX team of athletes, working closely with them to better understand the sport and the athletes’ needs. Mr. Calves played a key role in product development, strategic alliances, licenses, and enhancing Timex’s digital presence with consumers.

Prior to arriving at EB Brands and TIMEX, Mr. Calves spent over 15 years building and managing brands such as Advil, Coca-Cola, BellSouth, Woolite, Lysol, and Kiss My Face. His experience has given him marketing and consumer insights across a diverse number of cultures and product categories.

About Jeff


As a technology public relations expert working in Silicon Valley, Jeff Koo directed and executed all aspects of communications strategy for dozens of companies ranging from emerging startups to established global brands. PR Week recognized him as a recipient of the prestigious 40 under 40 award.

Jeff’s experience includes a broad range of companies ranging from mobile to VC to enterprise, but his current focus is on consumer technology. This includes everything from connected devices and services (Dropcam), digital music, gaming and entertainment (Rdio, Pulse Evolution, Outfit7, Serious Business), connected home technologies (Lowe’s Iris, AlertMe), and emerging technologies such as natural human interfaces (Vlingo, Expect Labs).

About Vanessa


Vanessa Zucker is Spark’s in-house marketing manager. She has done in-house marketing for small startups, tech giants, and non-profits. She merges creativity with analytical thinking and organization in order to create unique, quality content.