Former eHarmony CEO On the Overlap Between Online Dating and His New “Airbnb” of Warehousing Role

What does warehouse management and online dating have in common? More than you might think, according to Warehouse Exchange CEO Grant Langston. Langston is the former CEO and employee number three of eHarmony. After stepping down as head matchmaking mogul in January, Langstong had planned to take a year off, according to a recent writeup in FreightWaves. However, he found he couldn’t resist the opportunity to head up the self-described “Airbnb of warehouse leasing.”

Langston has found that there’s “tremendous overlap” between the worlds of online dating and warehouse management. Both are marketplaces that match supply and demand, and both involve significant relationship building, according to Langston.

One of Langston’s most significant relationships has been with The Salvation Army. While he couldn’t provide too much information on how the international charitable organization works with Warehouse Exchange, he did say that he expects the organization to be a “significant contributor” to its warehouse space over the next couple of years.

For more on Langston, Warehouse Exchange, and how disrupting the warehouse business isn’t too far removed from innovating in the world of online dating, make sure to read the full profile on FreightWaves.