Direct-to-Consumer Swimwear Seller Andie Swim Raises $6.5M With Online Fitting Room

Even before the pandemic, trying on a swimsuit in a store was uncomfortable. Now, it’s just plain inadvisable, but swimwear is still in demand. Online retailer Andie Swim has been able to offer women a wide selection of one and two-pieces, which they can try on in the comfort of their own homes.

That’s after using Andie Swim’s online fitting room and digital fit quiz, which helps match customers with their best fit. The result has been growth of 75% to 150%, year over year, and a recent injection of $6.5 million in venture capital from firms such as CityRock Venture Partners and Trail Mix Ventures.

Andie Swim’s explosive growth was recently highlighted in both WWD and Crunchbase News. Both pieces are worth reading if you’re interested in the rapid rise of direct-to-consumer clothing brands. And if you know someone who could use a new bathing suit for a socially-distanced dip, send them a link to Andie Swim.