Agile Narrative Episode 3: Travel, Strategy, and Exits

This episode of Agile Narrative dives into the relationship between travel and Narrative as well as several real life success stories. How does traveling to foreign countries help develop your perception of a place? How does a company raise $39 million through Narrative development? The experts explain all of this and more in this podcast episode.

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  • 3:30   Traveling builds empathy
  • 4:35   Travel as a metaphor for Narrative
  • 9:30   Speed to Impact & the immediacy of information dissemination
  • 15:45   Narrative Success Stories
  • 23:35   Narrative as strategy: a collection of services and a differentiator
  • 26:32   Integration tips for agency employees
AFAR Conversations Narrative

Toby Trevarthen (second from left) at the AFAR Conversations event.

About Toby

Toby Trevarthen

Toby Trevarthen, as Spark’s Chief Narrative Officer, has co-created the agency’s innovative Agile Narrative™ framework. A fresh approach to strategy and development, conversational white space and conversational IP.

About Tim

Tim Donovan

Tim Donovan brings with him over 25 years of successful communications and brand strategy experience, having led teams at a variety of award-winning PR agencies and innovative B2B and B2C technology companies. His diverse background also includes international marketing for public telecommunications companies, founding of the first U13 social network and the development of a 6-step planning methodology designed to deliver optimal PR results. At Spark, Tim focuses on translating storytelling into tangible business results for enterprise technology companies.

About Vanessa

Vanessa Zucker

Vanessa Zucker is Spark’s in-house marketing manager. She has done in-house marketing for small startups, tech giants, and non-profits. She merges creativity with analytical thinking and organization in order to create unique, quality content.