A Brief History of Crypto at Forbes

Nobody knows Bitcoin’s future, whether it’s bear or bull, but one man can tell you a whole lot about its past: Robert Farrington, a Senior Contributor at Forbes.

In his latest piece, Farrington traces the history of cryptocurrency in its oldest forms all the way back to the 1980s, to the creation of Bitcoin in 2008, to the present.

To do so, Farrington assembled a panel of subject matter experts, including Jazinga founder Shidan Gouran, María Paula Fernández, Advisor to the Board of Directors at the Golem Network, and Edmund McCormack, founder of DChained. In addition to blockchain history, subjects covered include alternate and emerging cryptocurrencies and risky ventures to be wary of.

When it comes to upcoming cryptocurrencies, McCormack says, “excitement is building for currencies in the DeFi ecosystem, from Synthetix to Chainlink.” McCormack has appeared as a source numerous times in Forbes, quickly emerging as a thought leader in the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin space, offering investment guidance through his firm DChained.

Make sure to head over to Forbes to read the full piece and check out DChained if you’re interested in getting your feet wet in the world of crypto.