3 Eco-Focused Brands We’re Proud to Work With

In a world where every day seems to bring more news of environmental catastrophe, it can be hard to imagine that there are companies out there who are doing their best to protect the planet. But there are, and they deserve recognition for it. The next time you’re considering a purchase — whether it’s a laptop, a car, or just some toothpaste — take a moment to think about how the company you’re buying from is treating the environment.

Here are a few outstanding clients that deserve our accolades for their work toward a cleaner planet:


With the world becoming more and more environmentally conscious, there are many businesses that are focused on the green economy. Solar panels are one such product that offers a number of financial advantages as well as the opportunity to do your part in protecting the environment. Mosaic can not only help you save money on your energy costs, but they are financing pros that make it easy for you to turn your home into a clean-energy machine.

Solar panels are especially beneficial for powering your home during peak times, sparing you from paying higher rates at those times and going a long way to reducing your carbon footprint by using less electricity during high-demand times. By investing in solar panels, you will be able to save money on your electricity bills.

Mosaic is making it easy for those looking to make a difference within their homes, within the environment and within our planet, Earth.

EV Passport

EVPassport is the first and only open electrification platform that provides organizations with everything they need to launch a branded EV charging network. Consisting of brandable hardware and API-driven software, EVPassport delivers a consistent, familiar mobile software experience for users – regardless of their location or the car they own.

Brands committed to sustainability rely on EVPassport to provide their customers with the most seamless payment experience to charge any electric vehicle without requiring a separate app, account or a top-up balance.


With buildings accounting for over 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions, the world needs a new way to power cities. BlocPower is rapidly deploying scalable urban clean-energy projects to increase adoption of renewable energy while lowering costs to customers. The company uses its proprietary software platform to analyze potential sites, identify and quickly lease underutilized buildings, make customers smarter about their building data, and design and set up clean energy systems. BlocPower’s solutions deliver cost savings ranging from 20-40% annually while accelerating the world towards renewable energy.

BlocPowers’ business model is simple: it replaces fossil-fuel-powered heating and cooling systems with greener, more efficient alternatives like electric heat pumps and solar panels. This minimizes pollution that contributes to climate change while also improving indoor air quality. The retrofits create jobs and raise property prices in previously underserved areas, making immediate local as well as global impact.