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The Venture City CEO Challenges Corporate America to “Lead by Example”

Speaking to Fast Company as part of its New New Rules of Business series, Laura González-Estéfani, president & CEO of The Venture City, wasn’t afraid to be direct.

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Direct-to-Consumer Swimwear Seller Andie Swim Raises $6.5M With Online Fitting Room

Even before the pandemic, trying on a swimsuit in a store was uncomfortable. Now, it’s just plain inadvisable.

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New rules for venture capital?

Evolving to impact: A trend to watch among VC firms this decade

Tim Turpin, Spark’s VC practice group leader since 2007, has observed a positive new trend in this industry: VCs are evolving their models to have greater social and/or environmental impact. In this blog, the first in a series, he explores this trend and explains the impetus behind it.

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Why the Time Has Come to Market a VC Firm with Purpose

In today’s world, consumers increasingly vote with their wallet – choosing companies they respect and chose to support over companies that do not align with their world view. In a recent article, “Competing on Social Purpose,” the Harvard Business Review provided an excellent overview of what sets great consumer companies’ outward story apart from the rest, and strategies for growing a brand that matters.

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