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PR Measurement 101: Advancement

Effectively measuring public relations programs is still considered a challenge by many PR practitioners. In order to overcome this challenge, we have decided to write a three-part blog series (Principles, Essentials, Advancement) that outlines key measurement areas that can help every PR practitioner institute and practice a PR measurement program for any type of client.    

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8 Marketing and PR Tools We Love

Because of the whirlwind of online tools to choose from that complement and enhance marketing and PR campaigns, we asked our team members which tools make the biggest difference in helping clients reach their goals.

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#MeasureForSuccess: 3 Categories of Metrics to Show the True Success of PR

Everyone in marketing (I hope) will agree that measurement has value. But from a measurement perspective, why does PR receive special treatment from other marketing departments? When asked to show the performance of PR, many professionals present share of voice (SOV), impressions, unique monthly visitors –

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