Spark Launches New Podcast Series: Developing Agile Narrative ™

We spend a lot of time at Spark researching and deliberating the most effective platforms to distribute content. We put thought into what channels make the most sense for our clients, and spend some time experimenting with ways to get our own Spark messages out. We recently took two big steps by launching both our Medium channel (hello, big bad world of storytelling!) and our very own podcast studio in our Emeryville, CA office. And while podcast support has been a Spark service for some time, we’ve now brought it under our roof so we can flex our podcasting muscles and launch our first original podcast. Spark This, the latest innovation from Spark, is our brand new podcast series that takes an in depth look at marketing, PR, and current trends from startups to Fortune 500 companies. For our inaugural ‘cast, we’d like to introduce our first series, Developing Agile Narrative ™, which will go into great detail about one of the most exciting programs we are building here at Spark. Episode 1 starts with the basics on narrative, and gives you a sneak peek into how Spark designed Agile Narrative™ to help shape or create a brand’s story.

In this episode, I chat with Walter Kuhn, our Creative Director, about how important it is for a company to understand its own narrative and provide some examples of existing brands that have a very strong narrative. I’m also proud to introduce the expanded Narrative services that Spark now offers, dubbed Agile Narrative™. It’s our knowledge design process that facilitates the co-creation of new narrative and conversational IP while accelerating go-to-market planning through to execution. In other words, an end-to-end solution, not just a blueprint without execution.

About the Author

Toby Trevarthen

Tobin Trevarthen joined Spark in the new capacity of Chief Narrative Officer in 2015. Tobin also co-founded 21st Century Narrative, LLC, the producer of The Narrative Project was a co-collaboration design to create a book on narrative in the 21st Century (releasing in late 2015). Tobin extended this innovative expertise at THE FACTORY, an immersion firm in SF. Tobin worked with Wells Fargo, Levis and Li & Fung to develop new business concepts in a 48-hour period.