Leverage Mobile Marketing’s Reach With Video!

by Madison Zlotolow

Leverage Mobile Marketing’s Reach With Video!

It’s no secret that as Covid-19 swept across the globe, it has impacted every industry along the way. For brands, it means fewer points of contact with consumers — everyone is cooped up at home, shielded from the outside world. So, what does that mean for your marketing campaign? In short, it’s time to reevaluate your strategy. Why spend thousands on an OOH (out-of-home) marketing campaign when consumers aren’t going OOH? Enter, stage left: Mobile Marketing.

Mobile Marketing is not a new concept; however, with the change of user habits, it’s becoming one of the most influential ways to reach your desired audience. And while the idea sounds simple–the ability to reach consumers via the device in the palm of their hands–the difficulty comes with the strategy–how can you connect with your audience?

Videos are undoubtedly the most engaging type of medium for mobile marketers, as it allows you to capture the attention of your audience immediately. There are no words to be read, or images to interpret; rather, video advertisements typically provide a clear and concise message from the start that instantly resonates with the desired audience.

But, video is anything but the best-kept secret in the marketing space. Video has emerged as one of the prevailing content marketing mediums and shows no sign of slowing down in popularity. As of late 2019, 85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool — up 24% from 2016. Further, of those who use video marketing, 99% said they plan to continue in the future, citing a great ROI for their reasoning. Whether by way of increased website traffic, leads, sales, and/or audience understanding, marketers acknowledge the positive gain of implementing video strategies.

So, as more and more companies flock to this beloved visual medium, brands must work harder to break through the noise and really stand out.

Here are some secrets to help kick start an engaging video campaign and ensure your brand’s voice is heard:

The Power is in the Messaging:
While your ads are displayed in video format, you shouldn’t shy away from typical Marketing 101 messaging. The narrative will continue to hook your audience.

What is the first thing you think of when you see an ad? For most, it’s:

What’s in it for me?
What makes this product different from the rest?
Why should I give you my attention?

Your video should answer those questions. It should be customer-first (whether consumer or business) and provide your value-add while appealing to your audience’s needs and hidden  desires.

That said, your differentiators are oftentimes your mission and story. It’s what makes your brand unique. The hard truth is that there is not much stopping the competition from copying your  product; so what makes your different is how you got there – your passion, your drive. Your value add should center around your story, not your sales pitch.

Be empathetic, purposeful and most importantly, authentic. While your ad will inevitably have a call to action for your audience, make sure it’s aligned with the rest of your story.

Get Right To It
One-fifth of your viewers click away from a video within 10-seconds or less, so you only have a few seconds to grab your audience’s attention before they scroll past. Use those seconds to your advantage. Your opener must be clear, concise, and instill confidence in the viewer that the rest of the video is worth the watch.

You can start with a catchy hook, a curious title, or even some thought-provoking questions for the viewer to consider.

The first impression will demand your audiences’ attention; however, what you do with the remaining moments of your video is just as important. How you continue your video will also ensure people remain tuned-in and engaged. Remember, every second is valuable so remove unnecessary (read: boring) talking points and go right to the good stuff.

Emphasize the Quality of the Content you Produce
Presentation matters. Quality content is associated with professionalism and legitimacy. That is not to say your video needs to be stiff and unfun. Instead, think about audio-visual quality. Is the volume consistent throughout? Are visuals crystal clear? Are there smooth transitions in sound and content?

Types of Video to Consider
A professional-looking video is not to say your video needs to be totally buttoned up. There are a lot of ways to tell a story through a video medium (vlog, digital animation, tutorials, etc.), and when assessing any strategy, consider what is most authentic to your brand and what method is the best way to get your message across.

Look to Emerging Platforms
As spaces get crowded, be an innovator. Spearhead new platforms, such as TikTok, to differentiate your branded content from the rest of the crowd.

Track the viewership on your videos and retarget when it is needed. Data allows you to test what works and highlights what is right and what needs to be adjusted. Take this valuable information into consideration when creating and targeting your videos.

With fewer means to connect, there is more pressure on each ad to engage your audience. Thoughtfulness and intent go a long way when it comes to marketing your brand or product. Don’t waste your time on underdeveloped ads; ensure your advertising decisions are developed with your audience in mind and are directly tied to an ROI. Once that is taken care of, you’re ready for the fun, creative part: Enter the mindset of your customer and pitch a video that you would never skip!

If you’re stuck on how to leverage video in your marketing efforts, drop us a line at [email protected] or visit our marketing capabilities page. We’re here to help.

About the Author

Madison Zlotolow is an Account Executive at Sparkpr in New York where she leverages her background in consumer experience and B2B services to develop compelling media materials. She has worked with a variety of clients, including leading global smartphone manufacturer OnePlus and late-stage venture capital and growth equity firm IVP.  Madison earned a BA in Public Relations from the University of Southern California (Fight On!).