Meet Sparkpr

Launched almost 20 years ago, Spark was founded as one of the first communications firms focused solely on new technology companies. Spark has proudly built a reputation within the industry by cultivating a team with deep technical expertise, with members who are laser-focused on meeting and exceeding our clients’ business needs and goals. Today, Spark is a full-service integrated public relations and marketing agency headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York, South Africa, and team members across the globe.

Over the past 20 years, Spark has become a legendary tech agency. The agency has touched every major technology trend since the browser wars, and worked with a variety of clients from pre-funded startups with a dream to Fortune 500 companies striving to reinvent themselves.

Driven by a deep-rooted entrepreneurial spirit, a love of technology, and an agile approach to developing our clients’ narratives, Spark has deep knowledge of how to position companies as leaders in the market through creative campaigns, relationships with top-tier media, and a proven ability to execute and get results.

Our seasoned team of 50+ professionals strives to build and grow brands through extensive skills in Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Online Social Listening, Social Media Management, Digital Design and Blockchain, Crypto, Finance, Emerging Tech and Enterprise Marketing. Spark focuses on converting technical stories into tangible visions through simplifying messaging catered for diverse audiences, while ultimately focusing on business growth objectives.

Spark has successfully established an agency with a global reach allowing for = successful communications campaigns for blockchain/crypto clients, raising a total of $500M. Spark has assisted a number of Startup “rising star” brands establishing $17 billion in client exits.

Thanks to our team, Spark has a proven record of excellent integrated marketing campaigns across paid, earned, social, and owned media (PESO) channels,  winning awards like Best New Product Launch, Best Media Relations Campaign, Best General Business Campaign, and more.

The Spark team is motivated, adventurous, and a disruptor in the tech communications space. We’re a group of vibrant and daring individuals passionate about telling great stories and spreading the word about technological innovations and advancements. We don’t shy away from challenges and are a hub for talented tech communications professionals.

Lorna Sithole – Social Media Manager, commented on why she loves being part of the Spark Team saying “ If I had to choose my favorite thing about working with Spark, it would have to be the amazing range of clients we get to work with. We get to work with niche clients from a wide range of industries, from Fintech to Blockchain and these are amazing skills to add to your back of tricks.”

If you’re passionate about digital marketing and PR, and love exploring the worlds of fintech, crypto, and emerging tech, check out our career pages to learn how you can become part of the Sparkpr Team;