How to Podcast for Brands – 5 Advanced Tips

So, you’ve started your podcast—defined your topics, lined up your guests, recorded some episodes—and now you want to really make it stand out. We’re dropping advice to help you with how to podcast for brands in this stage of your podcasting journey. Check out the first episode in the series, called “How to Start Podcasting for Brands,” if you’re at the beginning stages of creating your podcast. This time, we are joined by someone with tons of broadcasting and podcasting experience: Reenita Malhotra Hora, VP of Programming & Audience Development at Otto Radio.

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How to Podcast for Brands Advanced Tips

2:11   Podcast oversaturation and thinking of your podcast as more than just a show.

9:45   Keep your content succinct and to-the-point (aka how long should my podcast be?).

14:32   Expand your idea of what makes for a source of content

19:12   Should you do video podcasts?

25:48   Video podcast tips

28:45   Technical tips: microphones, audio editing, hosting


How to Start Podcasting for Brands

About Reenita

Reenita Malhotra Hora

A prolific writer, broadcast journalist and Ayurveda clinician, Reenita Malhotra Hora is VP of Programming & Audience Development at Otto Radio in San Francisco. Previously she was a producer/presenter for Bloomberg Media. Previous to that she hosted RTHK Radio 3’s Money for Nothing finance program and her own award-winning story-telling show, Asian Threads which explores the untold stories of Asian cultures and communities. You can tweet her @reenymal.

About Vanessa

Vanessa Zucker

Vanessa Zucker is Spark’s in-house marketing manager and the host of Spark Talks, Spark’s podcast. She has done in-house marketing for small startups, tech giants, and non-profits. She merges creativity with analytical thinking and organization in order to create unique, quality content.