Forbes Names Wallbox’s Pulsar Plus “Easiest Way to Charge at Home”

As the US EV market continues to rev up, Wallbox is ready to meet the demand for safe, no-hassle at home charging. In a recent write-up at Forbes, a consumer tech reporter called Wallbox’s Pulsar Plus, “the easiest way yet to charge at home.”

While you can easily convert a standard wall socket into a level 1 charger, you’ll be looking at extended charging times – if you need to completely charge your car from zero, leaving it plugged in overnight may not even be enough time. Enter the Pulsar Plus, which makes converting a 240V (the kinds used for large appliances like washers and dryers) into a level 2 charger simple.

Forbes would agree, remarking that, “ installation is simple and the diminutive size of the main unit makes it easy to find a spot for it on your wall. All it takes is a couple of screws into a stud or you can use the included drywall anchors to secure it.”

Whether you’re a current or future EV owner, or just curious about the tech, head over to Forbes and read the rest of what they have to say about the Pulsar Plus.