FedEx Touts Safehub Tech for Dealing with Earthquake Fallout

In the insurance world, assessing the damage from an earthquake can be tricky. Often the full extent of property damage isn’t known until months after disaster has struck, resulting in danger, expense, and loss of productivity.

Safehub, a leader in the IoT space, uses a series of sensors and its own analytics platform to quickly and accurately estimate the damage done to a building. The results are better assessments and shorter downtimes for the people and corporations affected by the quake.

For that reason, FedEx discussed its use of Safehub’s platform in a recent interview with Digital Insurance. “This combined sensor and software solution will help organizations of all types both identify and prioritize resources during a disaster and expedite recovery operations.” That’s Chris Conners, FedEx’s Staff Director Corporate Security, on the shipper’s use of Safehub technology.

Make sure to read the full article on Digital Insurance, and check out Safehub’s official site to see just how its groundbreaking technology works.