4 Focus Areas for Cryptocurrency Marketing

With so many cryptocurrencies launching and gaining prominence in headlines, it’s time to get more sophisticated with cryptocurrency marketing. Instead of relying on industry hype, crypto companies need to build their distinct message and project it into the larger blockchain conversation. While the fundamentals of messaging still apply, the complexity of cryptocurrencies requires focus on these four areas of marketing.

More Specific Audience Segmentation

Buying a cryptocurrency token does not give the purchaser any stake in the company. Instead, different coins bestow different benefits. Some provide bandwidth on an operating system while others allow access to sophisticated foreign exchange algorithms, and still others do even more. Attracting investors who care about your token’s purpose means paying particular attention to your potential customers—sometimes defying traditional buyer personas—and the channels where they congregate. For example, a token that gives bandwidth privileges to a developer attracts a particular kind of audience. A token that gives access to a foreign exchange algorithm attracts a different kind of investor. Sometimes, your audience may not even come from an investment or cryptocurrency background, as is the case with decentralized betting platforms. In this case, potential customers also come from the world of sports betting and may have different behaviors.

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