8 Marketing and PR Tools We Love

Because of the whirlwind of online tools to choose from that complement and enhance marketing and PR campaigns, we asked our team members which tools make the biggest difference in helping clients reach their goals. Take a look and consider asking your marketing and PR manager if they are using these marketing and PR tools to help you:


Medium is a publishing solution, like WordPress or Tumblr, but which stands out because of the brilliant social affordances of the platform and the wonderful community of great storytellers there.


Chime is Amazon’s answer to Skype and Google Hangouts but it seems to have better and more reliable audio and video.


Giving me better things to read than Medium, Refind is a source of insight, breaking news, and the most important trends, all of which are critical to me as a researcher and advisor.

Stowe Boyd

Google Analytics

It may sound like an old standby for measurement and reporting, but Google Analytics can go as wide or as deep as an analyst could want when measuring the success of a campaign. With customized dashboards and goal tracking alongside seemingly-endless options, we can get the insights we need about what works and what doesn’t. This, in turn, informs and helps guide revisions of our client’s marketing and PR strategy.


LexisNexis Newsdesk

Looking for a robust and cost-effective media monitoring and measurement tool? Google alerts continuing to miss key articles? Look no further! Newsdesk, acquired by LexisNexis in Fall of 2014, is hands down my favorite tool for monitoring and measuring a client’s media coverage across online news, blogs, print, and broadcast. Newsdesk gives you access to over 77,000 news sources, 3.5M social media sources, and 26,000 LexisNexis licensed content. Other amazing features: Unlimited searches, real-time email alerts, case-sensitive searches, advanced boolean logic operators, and global content available in 80 languages and 100 countries.



Combine the critical need for stunning visuals in social media posts with rapid changes in trends and you get the need for a tool like Canva. This platform helps designers and non-designers alike create eye-catching graphics quickly using the platform’s templates and pre-formatted text. These features help us make sure clients stay relevant with the latest in their industry by inserting their own original content into the discussion instead of just retweeting.



With so many moving parts in a PR and integrated marketing campaign, sometimes it takes an inordinate amount of effort to make sure everything gets done on time. After personally working with Mavenlink as a client, we now use this SaaS project management platform to run campaigns more effectively and predictably by assigning tasks to team members. This means we can track the entire lifecycle of a client project, collaborating on a level that is often tricky to achieve otherwise.

Jasmin Jimenez


CoverageBook is a simple and easy way to present press coverage without having to manually pull articles, screenshots, and more. It’s super easy to use and makes your coverage really shine. Clients get to see what is important to them, like coverage statistics, while we focus on getting them even more coverage.