6 Things to Remember While Launching a Product

Getting ready to launch a new product? Maybe this is your first time or maybe you are ready to learn from your last launch and improve this time around for better results. Consider these tips on launching a product from our PR and marketing experts who have launched products from smart home devices to enterprise cloud technology to luxury airplanes.

Focus on how you will solve your clients’ problems, not how cool your product’s features are.

It is easier than you think to slip into a one-sided conversation about the details of your product that goes far deeper than any average consumer would research. Your clients care about solving their problems. You should emphasize how your product will solve those problems.

Plan your PR strategy far in advance.

Leaving decisions to the last minute leads to disorganization and increases your chances of missing out on your goals. Instead, start early and plan out as much as you can: how you will frame your launch, when you will release information, who will interact with the media, and more. Use a calendar to keep on track and share it with all involved parties.

Build your reputation as an industry thought leader before launch day.

If you are launching an internet connected device, your customers will want to trust that you have experience in and know about internet connected devices. Release or curate articles that cover pertinent topics on your industry in the weeks and months prior to launch in order to build your reputation as a trusted source.

Make it as easy as possible for people to share the news.

Add social media sharing buttons to the pages that host your news, complete with Twitter cards and built-in mentions and hashtags. Send influencers a preview of your product and encourage them to share their views to their followers.

Make your official launch date a special event, preferably in person.

Tease it, preview it, build excitement, and then release your product at an event that shows just how special it is. Invite media, influencers, and other VIPs or make it a huge bash for all of your biggest fans. If not in person, live stream box openings, hold an online contest, or somehow engage your target audience. Remember to keep in mind what they get out of it.

Have a comprehensive social care plan in place.

Whether it’s a product or pre-sale launch, consumers are becoming more and more likely to inquire about product specifics and pricing through social networks. Ensure you have a trained team in place to respond in a timely manner. Although developing a FAQs sheet is helpful, every single response should be customized and personal. Consider using a tool like Hootsuite for larger social care programs, as it allows for faster response at a larger scale.


Follow these marketing tips for launching a product and watch for an influx of customers and attention. If you need a PR agency team to help you get more press coverage or define a strong strategy, let us know.