Financial Services

The union of capital and code has driven an incredible amount of disruption over the last few decades. We absorb, fine tune and differentiate the message through events, content programs and targeted media relations, elevating the intellectual capital of both well-known and yet to be discovered minds who fund the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Venture Capital

At Spark, we turn VCs into trusted voices on the next market trend. We differentiate through carefully crafted narratives so that entrepreneurs seeking capital and guidance find the right match. In today’s world, raising above the noise is key to becoming the next big idea because capital only goes so far.

Financial Services 2020

As the world becomes more open and connected, there is no doubt that our financial services and institutions remain ripe for disruption. We help companies leading the charge to make finance function as seamless as so many of the other internet enabled businesses that have changed our world.

Venture Capital

As more firms and funds surface, Spark remains above the noise due to long-standing relationships with top-tier VC reporters and conference organizers. For nearly 20 years, we’ve extended the influence of leading firms, introduced domestic and international firms to Silicon Valley, and supported myriad portfolio companies as they build viable businesses for long term success.


The financial services industry is at a tipping point — disrupt or fall behind. As fintech start-ups and financial technology firms engage new and traditional customers they need forward thinking narratives and communications programs that are differentiated and memorable.

Mobile Payments

Advances in payment technologies are changing the way we pay and how businesses of all sizes are paid. As more and more ways to transact become commonplace, service providers need their story to reach their audiences wherever they are and whenever they are connected.

Insurance Tech

Disruptive changes are beginning to reshape the insurance industry led by a new generation of emerging companies that are charging ahead without old-school barriers to innovation. As they change the industry, they look to Spark to help them tell their story to the world.

Financial Case Studies

Case Study: Zebit

Improving financial fairness for all

Zebit came to Spark to launch its program giving underbanked Americans a path to financial stability.

Case Study: IVP

On the record media dinner

Showcase IVP as the leader in late stage investing to top-tier media outlets.

Case Study: Blumberg Capital

Money 20/20 Survey Campaign

Make a splash at Money2020 and position Blumberg Capital as a leading early stage FinTech investor.