Emerging Tech

Spark has worked with the startups, executives, and enterprises that brought about the new technologies and services that changed way we all live over the past 20 years. While the last two decades have certainly been exciting, it’s never been more important to find the right audience and narrative to illustrate how your story will transform the world and improve the human experience.

Category Creators

When you’re inventing the future, it takes bold language and storytelling to create the category that you’re pioneering. We shine when we’re asked to help companies rise above the hype and define what the next 5-10-20 years will look like for the rest of the world.

The Future Demands Change

Our world is more complex, demanding, and challenged than ever before in history. We desperately need new technologies to help us solve some of our most pressing issues. And in order for those technologies to gain critical adoption, they require the right message to the right audiences.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has made rapid advances in the last decade, and the story of what an AI powered future will look like demands the best storytellers.

AR/VR and Voice

Tech like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual reality (VR) and Voice tech are changing the way in which people interact with the digital and physical world and they require new kinds of communications thinking.

Clean and New Energy Tech

Many of the world’s smartest scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs are working hard to bring smarter and more renewable energy systems. We help them illustrate why their work is some of the most important for the future.

Computerized Medicine

The combination of computer science and advances in medicine are leading to breakthroughs that will change health for everyone. Adoption of life-altering technologies demands a carefully crafted story.

Food Tech

A host of new technologies are being developed and deployed to improve our food systems. From meat grown in labs to agricultural overhauls – how we eat is an evolving story.


How we move from Point A to B is rapidly evolving. Over the next few years drones, will deliver our groceries, fight fires and save lives and how we talk about transport with be a totally new conversation.

Emerging Tech Case Studies

Case Study: Veniam

Launching in the US

Veniam came to Spark to help the Portugal startup launch in the US. In the growing IoT space.

Case Study: Endless

Connecting the next 1 billion

Endless came to Spark in need of an initial launch plan in addition to an ongoing PR strategy, overall consumer awareness, and to garner both media and influencer attention.

Case Study: Lucid

Elevating a luxury electric car

The luxury electric car manufacturer Lucid selected Spark to make a splash with automotive enthusiasts and technologists in an increasingly competitive market.