Tech Weekly Missive – September 19, 2010

Tech Weekly Missive – September 19, 2010

What Tongues are Wagging About

  • Best Buy releases statement over drama of notebook and netbook sales reported on by WSJ
  • When Windows Phone 7 arrives later this year, it will be sold globally, but only for GSM networks. Microsoft has opted to delay until next year the CDMA version as it works to finish work on its major rewrite of its phone operating system.
  • A photography deal offered on Groupon in Atlanta yesterday turned messy when it was revealed that the photographer had promoted her work with stolen images and was far from equipped to carry out the terms of the Groupon. Fail.
  • Business Insider: Facebook now gets more “time on site” than Google. When’s that Facebook IPO again?
  • Yahoo unveiled a bevy of new product features today at a press event, and Yahoo product chief Blake Irving told the crowd “You’re going to see things over the next few years that will feel a little bit different.” He declined, however, to tell the audience what the specific internal goals were, or how Yahoo would define success or failure. The goals reported by TechCrunch: an increase in the number of unique visitors to Yahoo properties from today’s 622 million to a cool 1 billion. And an increase in overall Yahoo revenue from last year’s $6.5 billion to a whopping $10 billion.
  • Stanford student Feross Aboukhadijeh, in a nod to the recent unveiling of Google Instant, has created a real-time search engine for YouTube videos — and it’s caught the attention of YouTube CEO Chad Hurley.
  • Great thread on Quora on how to get coverage in TechCrunch:
  • The Twitter press event was jam packed with reporters. Reporter confessed it felt like a circus and the news was completely underwhelming.
  • LG CEO resigns – poor smartphone performance?


  • Week was crazy packed with events – DEMO, Intel Developer Forum, APPNATION (see below) and JiveWorld. SF streets are shutting down right now around Moscone Center to prep for Oracle World.
    • The panel discussed “Leveraging Mobile Apps to Drive Engagement and Bottom-Line Results” and included brands like Audi and The North Face.
    • The panel consisted of:
      • DeLu Jackson (Digital Marketing Manager, Audi)
      • Nate Bosshard (Action Sports Brand Manager, The North Face)
      • Scott Mellin (CEO, Design Factory Labs)
    • Key lessons learned:
      • Too many useless marketing and product promotion type apps out there in the marketplace, and as a result, they are unsuccessful.
      • Audi and The North Face created functional and successful apps – not aimlessly marketing products, but something their costumers will actually use.
      • For example, The North Face’s Snow Report and Trailhead apps were created with their users specifically in mind – for people who rely on The North Face products in extreme situations, battling ultimate weather conditions, etc.  For North Face it was important that like their products, the app would also be something functional their customers can rely on.

o    The Snow Report app is super cool, useful, and *free* – Allows easy access to up to the minute resort conditions and snow/weather info.

  • Brands like Audi and The North Face are desperate to find a way to measure the metrics behind their apps.  They are trying to find ways to evaluate the relationship between app downloads and sales.
  • The concluding theme of the panel was about driving customer engagement through creating useful apps which in turn drive customer awareness and trust in each brand.

VC & Portfolio Cos:


Upcoming Events/Speaking Opps:

o    February 1-3, 2011

o    Santa Clara, CA

o    Strata is a new O’Reilly conference. It will address trends around data management and related areas.

  • QCon (No deadline available)

o    November 1-5 23, 2010

o    San Francisco, CA

o   QCon – produced by TriFork and infoq – addresses enterprise software development issues.

o   April 3 – 6, 2011

o    Austin, TX

o    Produced by NACHA – addresses payment technology issues

o    March 10-11, 2011

o    New York

o    The Digital Hollywood Media Summit is an international conference on media, advertising, television, cable and satellite, broadband, mobile, publishing and radio magazines, news media, motion pictures, and marketing.

o    September 21 – 23, 2010

o    MIT, Cambridge

o    Now in its 10th year, the Emerging Technologies Conference at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (EmTech@MIT) gives attendees access to the most innovative labs, companies, and entrepreneurs from around the world and shows them where to lead their organizations in order to stay ahead of the curve.

o   The conference attracts top decision makers (C- and director level) from the technology, engineering, investment, and management communities