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Forget the Money: 4 reasons your brand needs to be on social media. No. Matter. What.

“What’s the ROI?” This three-word question haunts the minds of many social media and PR professionals. For media brands, the answer is a page views increase, which leads to better ad sales. For tech companies, you engage your end-users, and happy end-users tend to be happy buyers, who might find you more happy buyers. Several … read more here

Ruth Sarfaty and Sarah Skerik

5 Tips for Making Your Press Releases More Social

I met Sarah Skerik a couple of hours before our presentation at the Ragan PR Summit on Best Practices this past Monday. I say “our” presentation loosely because it was really hers—PR Newswire is the authority on releases, after all, and Sarah has seen thousands. Sarah is tall and blonde (my physical opposite), and sported … read more here


Twitter Tips and Tricks – Top 7 Ways to Save Time on Twitter

While many small businesses have started using Twitter in their marketing, finding the time to do it right can be a struggle. According to recent research by R2integrated, the No. 1 barrier to entry into social media for businesses is lack of time and resources. Here are seven Twitter tricks from the pros that allow you … read more here