We Are Spark (Our Story)

Everyone’s got a backstory. Ours continues to influence how we approach communications today.

Roots in Silicon Valley

Sparkpr was co-founded by Donna (Sokolsky) Burke and Chris Hempel in 1999 at the height of the Internet explosion in Silicon Valley. Fresh off their corporate careers at Netscape where they helped launch the first browser that gave millions access to the Internet, Donna and Chris were well equipped to create a new-economy communications agency.

Integrated Programs Tied to Business Objectives

Understanding the value of closely tying public relations, digital, and social programs to company-wide business objectives, Sparkpr shapes innovative strategies that help propel startups through the ever-changing ecosystems of technology and media. Among Sparkpr’s first success stories: Tellme (acquired by Microsoft), VA Linux (one of the most successful IPO’s in history) and The Barksdale Group (a venture capital fund started by former Netscape CEO, Jim Barksdale).

Global Companies and StartUps

Today, Sparkpr represents global technology companies as well as startups. We are proud to have helped a long list of companies achieve their business objectives through a wide range of communications programs and services, including Bing Travel, Electronic Arts, Visa, Verizon, The Economist, Trulia, Flickr, Mozilla.org, Nielsen, Nokia, NVIDIA, Skype and Yahoo!.

A Connected World

Much has changed over the years, and as an agency we continue to adapt and thrive in a connected world. Information-empowered consumers have forever changed the face of communications and created a new global playing field, but one thing will remain the same. Our commitment to your business objectives will never waver.

That’s our story. And proudly, we’re sticking to it.