5 Tips for Making Your Press Releases More Social

I met Sarah Skerik a couple of hours before our presentation at the Ragan PR Summit on Best Practices this past Monday. I say “our” presentation loosely because it was really hers—PR Newswire is the authority on releases, after all, and Sarah has seen thousands.

Sarah is tall and blonde (my physical opposite), and sported a bright green jacket. I was there representing a Sparkpr client, Crowd Factory, who partnered with PR Newswire on a joint release about making press releases social.

My role at the Summit was to toot Sparkpr’s horn about what a great press release we wrote— it was retweeted 3,000 times by the way! Toot, toot!

My, ahem… our tips for an eminently shareable release: 

1. Be tweetable! Write succinct headlines starting with your keyword and main idea

2. Create buzz and optimize SEO by leading with the most compelling characteristic of the story

3. Keep it short and say it all in the first 65 words of a press release

4. Don’t over-link: Only use two links max in your press releases

5. Engage all types of media by sending a captivating image or infographic with your release

The above tips are from a presentation Sarah and I shared at the Ragan PR Summit on Best Practices on September 10, 2012. Thanks Sarah! (Read Sarah’s post about the presentation on PR Newswire’s blog)

View the full presentation below.

Ruth Sarfaty, Managing Director of Sparkpr’s NY Office, is a senior communications strategist with extensive marketing communications experience. At Spark, Ruth is focused on leading PR campaigns for digital clients large and small and building a roster of New York-based business. Areas of focus include advertising, ad/tech, ecommerce, travel, education, and entertainment.