20+ New & Noteworthy iPad Apps on iTunes

Easy Cheezy

The new update to iTunes has some welcome additions. Within the App Store, you can now flip between iPhone or iPad Apps.

Though many more iPad apps will be available in the next few days, I wanted to provide a quick overview of the current iPad apps that are ready and waiting.

Netflix (FREE)

As part of your Netflix subscription, you can use this app to watch tv shows and movies on your iPad, from your instant watch.

1Password for iPad ($6.99)

1Password provides the ability to store your important information and automatically login to websites with just one tap of the iPad. You can save and sync credit card numbers and other sensitive information.

NFL 2010 HD ($6.99)

NFL 2010 is a NFL game you’ll play in high definition. It was created and is fully optimized for the iPad.

SCRABBLE for iPad ($9.99)

The classic game of Scrabble is now in HD with some added features to take advantage of the iPad.

iRa C3 Command Center (FREE)

This app serves as a security app, providing live feeds for unlimited cameras and live camera feeds for up to 20 cameras at one time.

NPR for iPad (FREE)

NPR for iPad is NPR in a magazine-like format. NPR focuses on news, arts & life and music.

Sherlock Holmes Mysteries for iPad ($2.99)

This app lets you play as Sherlock Holmes in true 3D and HD graphics and sound effects.

Gap 1969 for iPad (FREE)

Shop for products from the Gap iPad style.

eBay for iPad (FREE)

eBay for iPad is a slick looking app with all the great eBay features.

Ocean Blue ($9.99)

Ocean Blue gives you a realistic looking diving experience allowing you to see and interact with marine animals.

WebEx for iPad (FREE)

WebEx is an app to host and attend online meetings.

ABC Player (FREE)

ABC Player is an app that brings all your favorite shows on ABC, such as Lost and Modern Family, to your iPad.

Minigore HD ($4.99)

Minigore is a popular iPhone action game that’s been created in HD for the iPad.

NBA Game Side Courtside (FREE)

This NBA live game companion gives you team and player information, live scores and statistics.

WeatherBug Elite for iPad ($4.99)

Get the latest weather information, local conditions, severe weather alerts, etc.

Flight Control HD ($4.99)

Flight Control has been revamped in HD for the iPad. In this game, you’re an aircraft controller at a busy airport.

Twitterrific for iPad (FREE)

Twitterrific has been rebuilt for the iPad. This Twitter client lets you tweet, retweet and use all the best Twitter features.

Yahoo! Entertainment (FREE)

Yahoo! Entertainment gives you an interactive program guide to plan your TV viewing, watch videos, news clips and more.

Fieldrunners for iPad ($7.99)

Fieldrunners is a popular iPhone game that’s been rebuilt to take advantage of the iPad screen.

Toy Story 2 Read-Along ($8.99)

With Toy Story 2, you can listen as it’s read aloud, record your own narration, sing along to music videos, paint a picture, play a game and more.

1000 Ultimate Experiences ($19.99)

This app lets you tap into Lonely Planet’s top 1000 recommended experiences through images, video and insights from travel authors.

SketchBook Pro ($7.99)

SketchBook Pro is a professional-grade drawing and painting application. You get an assortment of painting and drawing tools to help create your work of art.

What do you think of the iPad apps that have already started popping up in the App Store? How about the prices of the apps? Are there any particular apps you’re planning to download?