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Client News Weekly Wrap-up

It’s been another busy week for our clients! Read what they’ve been up to in recent headlines.           DataStax is named one of the next billion dollar startups – Forbes Expect Labs CEO and Founder, Tim Tuttle, addresses the philosophical debate regarding artificial intelligence – Huffington Post Live NEA’s Managing General … read more here


Client News Weekly Wrap-up

From company expansions to product updates, read what our clients have been up to in this week’s headlines.         Efficient Power Conversion CEO Alex Lidow leads the way of the GaN revolution – Bloomberg Deezer Elite expands product to Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Canada – Billboard One Medical Group opens three … read more here

Client News Weekly Wrap-up

It’s been another exciting week for our clients. Read what they’re up to in recent headlines.           Blackboard acquires Schoolwires to help build educational websites and apps for K-12 students – VentureBeat DataStax acquires Aurelius in order to add graph database technology to it’s offering – Fortune Icon Ventures managing general … read more here


Six PR Tips Post CES

It’s been about a week since you’ve been back from CES. You’ve finally gotten over that monstrous hangover, your chapped lips are back to normal, and your wardrobe no longer smells like cigarettes. All is good with the boss man and the team lead seems to be happy but something is plaguing you: what happened … read more here


Client News Weekly Wrap-up

Our clients are starting the New Year with a bang. Read about their new endeavors in recent headlines.         DataStax finds a following among businesses seeking to disrupt health care – Fortune Deezer purchases Muve Music to increase visibility within the U.S. – NY Times Expect Labs CEO and Founder Tim Tuttle … read more here


Why Government and Technology Don’t Mix…Yet

This article is featured on the Holmes Report. If the United States wants to remain a leader in technological innovation it will demand compromise from both Silicon Valley and Washington DC. A recent survey of Silicon Valley influencers by The Atlantic listed government regulation and bureaucracy as the leading threat to innovation in the United … read more here

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